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The little Stone

Once a little stone was stranded on a beach and said to itself: “I want to go back into the ocean!” A grey stone next to the little one said: “I know how you feel. I so wanted to go back for such a long time. But from here you can’t get anywhere” “Why?”, asked the little one.  “The only chance would be a storm. So I am waiting for my chance.” “What is, if there will never be a storm?” “I will have to stay.” “But if you really believe that you will get back into the ocean, you will get there. It is only you who can make this decision.” “But how will I get there? I can’t even walk.” “If you really want something from your heart and you believe that this that it is possible, than you will get there.”

In this moment a little girl came along. The little stone called: “Hey little girl, can you throw me back into the sea, please?” The girl turned around, looked at the ground and smiled. Then she picked up the little stone, run a few meters and throw it back into the ocean.

Copyright © Sandy Seeber – 2011 – All Rights Reserved


About sandyseeber

Sandy Seeber left behind all that she knew, travelled around the world and found her key to happiness. Sandy envisions a world full of happy, healthy, and wealthy people. Through her creative writing in particular she aims to make a difference in the world by taking her readers onto a journey of an unforgettable experience. In summer 2013, Sandy has published her first novel titled 'The perspective of things - An unusual friendship' for children and adults in German. Today she is living and working in Dublin, Ireland.
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  1. Just letting you know that I gave you a versatile blogger award- no pressure to take part; but if you do wish to know what it entails, just click my link
    Congrats either way and have a lovely weekend.


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