How to Remove Stress from Your Life

How to Remove Stress from Your Life

with Self-Management

Many live a stressful life nowadays. We take care of too many things for too many people. And on top of that there are some of our own needs for that we haven’t got any time left.

But there is a way out of a stressful life.


Self-management has several faces and is by far one of the most important part in all that we do. If we aren’t able to manage ourselves, how could we possible cope with everything around us?

But self-management is not something we consciously do and from time to time we end up in a very stressful way of being. Once we become aware of the stress overload in our life we might start wondering how we can manage ourselves better.

The key to better self-management is not so much a secret as many would think. It’s simply taking responsibility for yourself and who you are.  You might argue now, that you do know who you are and that you are a very responsible person. But do you really know? And are you really taking responsibility for yourself? And if, why are you stressed then?

Let’s take a closer look into our world: Many people hardly have an idea of what is truly important to them. So they follow the majority in everything they do. The reason for this is that what most people do is being perceived as normal and therefore acceptable and good. But that what is normal for the majority of people isn’t necessarily always good for ourselves. As soon as something “normal” clashes with our core values we feel stressed. This stress can have all sorts of effects such as fatigue, depression, or on the other hand bad temper and moodiness. In some cases, stress can lead to serious illnesses.

It is easier to take responsibility for yourself once you know what is important to you. So I encourage you to ask yourself following questions:

  • What talents do I have? How are they reflected in my life?
  • What are my values? Do I live according to them?
  • What do I believe in regards to success, relationships, happiness, money, and health? Do these beliefs move me forward or do they limit myself? How are my beliefs reflected in my life?

These questions help you to determine how your life is in alignment with your personal needs. If you find that there are huge gaps between the things that are important to you and your present life style, I suggest you consider some changes.

The reasons are simple: Care about your own personal needs first, if you are seriously interested to remove stress from your life. Because when you do, then you will have much more resources, ideas, and strength to help other people meet theirs.

My Self-Management Tips

1. Be true to yourself! Nobody benefits, if you are lying to yourself. Once you know, what is right for you, you will find it much easier to make decisions.

2. Meet your own needs first! When you are tired, you probably need a break. Your body gives you clear messages, it’s up to you to follow them.

3. Check your beliefs! Do you have limiting beliefs? What are they based on? Is there any real evidence to believe this way?

4. Value and respect yourself! Everybody on this planet is unique and so are you. There is nobody in this world who is less worthy than the rest of us. Take care of yourself!

5. Have fun! We can’t always work. Sometimes we just need a break. Laughing is very healthy and so is everything that we enjoy.

Stress is simply a result of not living a life true to ourselves. We can live a stress free life by simple acknowledging that we need to take care of ourselves. Once we start adjusting our life style towards meeting our own needs, everything around us will slow down, and soon we will have only a vague memory of what a stressful life is all about.

by Sandy Seeber – April, 2012 More articles by Sandy Seeber


About sandyseeber

Sandy Seeber left behind all that she knew, travelled around the world and found her key to happiness. Sandy envisions a world full of happy, healthy, and wealthy people. Through her creative writing in particular she aims to make a difference in the world by taking her readers onto a journey of an unforgettable experience. In summer 2013, Sandy has published her first novel titled 'The perspective of things - An unusual friendship' for children and adults in German. Today she is living and working in Dublin, Ireland.
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6 Responses to How to Remove Stress from Your Life

  1. Abby Wynne says:

    Great article Sandy! Keep up the amazing work! xxAbby


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  5. Ali says:

    This was an awesome post sandy; loved the simplicity and how you got right to the point. Stress is something that i think all of us are dealing with somehow and i’m glad you brought it up 🙂


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